Amplifier Worship
Amplifier Worship
Album cover for the 2003 Southern Lord reissue.
Studio album by Boris
Released November 26 1998
Recorded August / September 1998 at Sound Crew in Tokyo, Japan
Genre Drone Doom, Sludge Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Trance
Length 63:52
Producer Boris
Boris chronology
Boris / Tomsk-7
Amplifier Worship
Black: Implication Flooding

Amplifier Worship is the second studio album by Japanese experimental band Boris. Released in November 1998 via indie label Mangrove the band maintained an abrasive sound of drone doom and sludge but interlacing elements of psychedelic, trance and a more up-tempo sound into their music. Amplifier Worship is also one of only a handful of Boris albums (excluding the "one-long-song" albums) to feature vocals on every track and the first album to feature Takeshi on lead vocals (Though Atsuo handles lead vocals on "Huge").


Boris would begin work on their second studio album in the fall of 1998, writing and recording "Vomitself" at Sound Square and mixed at Inner Pleasure while the remaining tracks were recorded and mixed at Sound Crew. Mastering was provided by Hi Brite. Music videos were composed for "Hama" and "Kuruimizu" but ultimately not released to the public.[1]

In 2003 Southern Lord Records would reissue the album on CD in a green jewel box with a gummy worm in the spine. At time of release, there were rumors that said worm had hallucinogic properties akin to those of LSD when eaten though these rumors have been denied by Southern Lord, the band, and people who actually ate their worm. Notably the original CD would have 2-second breaks between songs reminiscent of a CD-R though a second issue in a plain jewel case with no gummy worm would fix the 2-second skips.

In 2010 along with Absolutego, Southern Lord would issue the album on vinyl for the first time, 2000 copies on black vinyl and 1000 copies on green vinyl.

Studio reworkings of "Huge" and "Vomitself" would appear on their collaborative album with Merzbow, Gensho.

Boris - Amplifier Worship (Full Album)01:03:54

Boris - Amplifier Worship (Full Album)


NOTE: On the vinyl reissue of the album tracks 1 and 3 are placed on side A while track 2 is placed on side B due to vinyl limitations.

  • 1. Huge (9:14)
  • 2. Ganbou-Ki (15:44)
  • 3. Hama (7:30)
  • 4. Kuruimizu (14:27)
  • 5. Vomitself (16:57)


  • Wata - Guitar (Matamp, Orange), E-Bow
  • Takeshi - Bass (Ampeg), Vocals
  • Atsuo - Drums, Vocals, Cymbals, Percussion (Wavedrum)
  • Fangs Anal Satan - Artwork
  • Stephen O'Malley aka MK Ultra Blizzard - Layout (Reissue)
  • Osamu Seino - Engineer (Tracks 1 - 4)
  • Eiji Hashizume - Engineer (Track 5)


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