Age of Strife
Single by Megaton
Released December 21 2012
Recorded Fall 2012 at Pisspoor Studios in Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Genre Stoner Metal
Length 16:00
Label Mutually Assured Records
Producer Self Produced
Megaton single chronology
Age of Strife
Age of Strife is a single recorded and released by stoner/sludge metal band Megaton on December 21st, 2012.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Lead Vocals Length
1. The Age of Strife Dave Koziol 3:37
2. Imperfect Anarchy Steve Smith 3:23
3. Spiritual Madness (Live At The Hideout) Smith, Serena McLaughlin 5:23
4. The Age of Strife (Radio Edit) Dave Koziol 3:37
Total Length: 16:00

Background Edit

The Age of Strife single was originally planned to be the original lineup's first album, slated to be titled Imperfect Anarchy. In January of 2012, the band entered Pisspoor Studios to record. The band originally had around 8 tracks planned for the release, but delays in recording kept preventing the band from completing. Some of these revolved around playing many shows and also technical problems that arose from the band changing the tuning they played in. Then in March of that year Rob announced he'd be leaving the band to due to a change in his assignment in the Air Force.

At this point, the band began the search for a replacement bassist. Several people were tried out before they found their pick, Karathos guitarist Joe McLaughlin (now known as Serena.). This put more delays on the band, as they now needed to teach the material to their new bassist. Recording on the guitar tracks resumed later that month followed by the bass guitar during the summer.

In October of that year it was announced on the band's Facebook page that a single would be released, it would have two tracks The Age of Strife and Imperfect Anarchy on the b-side. The band noticed that Rob had actually completed his bass lines for The Age of Strife before he left, so they decided to keep his original bass track intact for that song to honor the original lineup. Later that month the tracks were handed off to Anytime Studio's Doug Decker for mixing. Finally on December 21st, 2012 the single was released just in time for the band's End of The World show at The Spigot in Lincoln, NE.

The album that was meant to come from those sessions unfortunately never materialized. More delays and technical problems plagued the project until it was finally shelved due to the departure of Dave Koziol in the summer of 2013.

Artwork Edit

The artwork was created by bassist Serena McLaughlin. It was a hand made painting depicting the events of The Age of Strife. The artwork for the single was distributed in such a way that if the sleeve of the album was opened, it would continue the artwork.


The back cover of the Age of Strife single. The shadows from the front cover continue on the back, creating a continuous image.

Personnel Edit


  • Steve Smith: Guitar, Lead Vocals on Imperfect Anarchy
  • Dave Koziol; Drums, Lead Vocals on The Age of Strife
  • Serena McLaughlin - Bass on Tracks 2 and 3, backing vocals, Artwork
  • Rob Lantz - Bass on The Age of Strife

Additional Personnel

  • Pete Peterson - Recording Engineer
  • Doug Decker - Mixing

External Links Edit

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