Album cover for the 2001 Southern Lord reissue.
Studio album by Boris
Released 1996
Recorded July 1996
Genre Drone Doom, Sludge Metal, Harsh Noise
Length 60:15
Producer Boris
Boris chronology
Boris / Barebones
Boris / Tomsk-7

Absolutego is the debut album by Japanese band Boris.

A single hour-long song composed of harsh noise, drones and sludge this album was initially released in 1996 via the band's own Fangs Anal Satan imprint with a remastered issue five years later via Southern Lord Records (SUNN 10).


Sometime after Boris' first tour of the United States alongside Thrones in 1996 the band started work on their debut album and recording a single hour-long song in the process, drawing inspiration from Melvins and Earth. According to a press kit for the 2001 reissue, Southern Lord stated that the band managed to record and release the album before Sleep had managed to finish Dopesmoker.[1] Aside from the Boris With Merzbow Sun Baked Snow Cave it's the band's only "one-long-song" album to not be broken up into multiple parts.

The original version of Absolutego was released in 1996 via Fangs Anal Satan. Some years later the band would sign with Southern Lord Records with their first release on that label being a reissue of Absolutego. This version would be released on 20 February 2001 with remastered audio, new artwork and a bonus track (Dronevil2) recorded in 1997 at Sound Square. Initially released with an orange jewel case before being reissued with a traditional jewel case this version would be referred to as Absolutego+ (Special Low Frequency Version), a tribute to Earth's iconic second album Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version.

In July of 2010 Southern Lord would release Absolutego+ (Along with Amplifier Worship) on vinyl for the first time, limited to 2000 on black vinyl and 1000 on red. The album is spread out through all four sides with Dronevil2 also on side four.[2]

Notably the title of Dronevil would also be a song that appeared on Mangrove 2002 and the double album Dronevil. On the 2017 album Dear Boris composed a five-minute sludgy song titled Absolutego, sharing the same title as the album and possibly as a "full circle" nod to their early years as the band originally intended Dear to be their final album.

BORIS - Absolutego - 1996 (Full Album)01:13:26

BORIS - Absolutego - 1996 (Full Album)



  • 1. Absolutego (60:15)

Absolutego+: Special Low Frequency VersionEdit

  • 1. Absolutego (65:34)
  • 2. Dronevil2 (7:50)


  • Ohtani - Bass
  • Wata - Guitar
  • Atsuo - Drums, Vocals
  • Kakinuma - Engineer
  • Boris - Producer
  • Fangsanalsatan - Engineer (Dronevil2)
  • Just Play Design Uechi - Artwork and Typography (Logo Type)
  • Stephen O'Malley - Visuals (Reissue)
  • Eri Shibata - Band Photo
  • Philip Easter - Mastering (2001 CD)
  • Mell Dettmer - Mastering (Vinyl)


"Absolutego is the soundtrack to two Slugs fucking." (Dylan Carlson/Earth)


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