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5th Quarter Lounge
Background information

5th Quarter Lounge (Sometimes known as The Fifth Quarter Lounge) is a venue located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Though primarily established as a metal venue it has hosted a plethora of doom, stoner and sludge bands during it's tenure, mainly through associations with CVLT Nation.

In April 2017 the space was bought out by an insurance company, effectively forcing the owners of 5th Quarter to move to a new location.[1]


Notable Performers at the VenueEdit

Apostle of Solitude Devil To Pay Wretch (Band) Spirit Caravan Pilgrim Stonecutters Blackfinger The Skull Elder Mos Generator Conan Goatsnake Bongripper Pelican Crowbar Eyehategod Anvil The Obsessed Karma To Burn The Skull Witch Mountain Saint Vitus Black Wizard Nervosa

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